Glass is a flexible material with the artistic quality of bending and reflecting light uniquely. Its flexibility has resulted in various glass art types and techniques. The making of the glass determines the types of glass art it produces. The processes an artist uses to make the glass art describe the artwork. There are many different types of glass art, but the most common include:

Hot Glass Art

Hot glass art is created by heating the glass at 2,000 degrees. The molten glass creates vases, goblets, ornaments, hand-blown bowls, and sculptures through glass casting and blowing.


  • The glass casting technique involves placing molten glass in a mold to solidify. 
  • The glass-blowing technique involves gathering molten glass from the furnace to the end of a blowpipe to create glass bubbles.


Warm Glass Art

Warm glass art is a technique where glass is heated to a temperature between 1200-1600 degrees in a kiln to create various items such as tiles, plates, and sheets through techniques like fusing and slumping.

  • Fusing entails heating two or more pieces of glass together at a temperature of 1400-1600 degrees to melt and stick together.
  • Slumping involves heating a flat plate or a sheet of glass at temperatures of 1200-1400 degrees to bend and form different shapes.


Cold Glass Art

Cold glass artwork is any glass art done to glass without heating it. This type of glass art-making technique is used with warm and hot glass. Common cold glass art techniques include polishing, etching, sandblasting, grinding, engraving, and cutting.


Browse Chasen Galleries' Art Glass Selection

There are vast forms of glass art, each with a unique style and purpose. In addition, different artists make different glass art in the art market. At Chasen Galleries, we have a fine selection of glass artwork to display in our showroom in Sarasota, Florida. Some of these artists include:

Jack Storms

Jack Storms is an artist who combines lead crystal and dichroic glass to create unique glass sculptures. He studied art and art history and opened his own studio, where he perfected his craft through hard work. His sculptures, shaped like cubes, eggs, champagne glasses, and wine bottles, are highly sought after and can be found in private collections. Jack Storms' sculptures are widely regarded as a prominent example of cold work.


Emma Varga

Emma Varga is an artist using glass objects to raise awareness for environmental concerns through her signature "multiple layers fusing" technique. Her work visually showcases the beauty and fragility of the natural world, inspired by the dangers of global warming.


Cathy Shepherd

Cathy Shepherd is a glass artist known for her vivid and luminous works that blend blues, pinks, greens, and oranges. With a background in fashion, fitness, and yoga, she returned to art in 2009 and developed a unique style of dimensional-fused glass. Her works aim to create an emotional experience for the viewer through their visual energy.


Susan Gott

Susan Gott is an experienced glass artist who specializes in cast glass sculptures. She creates large-scale public artworks using cast glass, steel, and stone and can be found in major galleries, private and corporate collections, and permanent museum collections worldwide.


Scott Hartley

Scott grew up without much interest in art and graduated to become a biology teacher with a good family. However, he quit his teaching job to pursue his passion for glass arts full-time. Scott Hartley describes glass as the perfect union between art and science. 

Renato Foti

Renato Foti's current work focuses on fused and slumped glass wall sculptures that people can hang in different venues and sculptural pieces. Renato's large-scale sculptural creations comprise a fused glass of various color segments, creating balance and harmony in the space.  


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If you are searching for breathtaking glass art, look no further than Chasen Galleries. Our online collection features diverse glass art created by skilled and accomplished artists. Whether you're looking to enhance your home or office, we offer professional consultations and art installation services to ensure your chosen piece is perfectly displayed.


Don't hesitate to reach out to us with any inquiries or to learn more about our collection. With Chasen Galleries, you can find the perfect glass art piece to suit your needs and taste. Browse our collection today and be amazed at the level of creativity and skill of our featured glass artists. Contact us for consultations for residential and corporate locations.


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