Visit the revitalized Chasen Galleries Last Chance

at Crossings at Siesta Key

Chasen Galleries Last Chance recently underwent a revitalization! Just a few minutes drive from our flagship location in Southside Village, this wide open space at Crossings at Siesta Key offers a unique experience for the discerning art shopper looking for art which has been significantly reduced.


Chasen Galleries Last Chance
Crossings at Siesta Key Mall
3501 S Tamiami Trail #1034
Sarasota, Florida, 34239


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(804) 334-3602



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Chasen Galleries II stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities of artistic expression within a vast and open space. This expansive gallery provides a haven for large format art, paintings, and sculptures to breathe and captivate. 


The generous dimensions of the gallery allow for an immersive experience, where visitors can wander freely and engage with the art on a grand scale. 


The carefully curated collection of oversized masterpieces finds an ideal home within these walls, creating an atmosphere that transcends the conventional boundaries of artistic presentation. Chasen Galleries II invites patrons to explore the nuances of each brushstroke and the intricacies of sculptural form, offering an unparalleled opportunity to appreciate the magnificence of art in its most monumental and awe-inspiring manifestations.

Chasen Galleries II goes above and beyond the traditional role of an art gallery by offering comprehensive art cleaning and restoration services. Recognizing the importance of preserving the integrity and beauty of each piece within its collection, the gallery employs skilled professionals who specialize in the delicate and meticulous process of art restoration. 

Whether addressing the effects of time, environmental factors, or unforeseen damages, Chasen Galleries II's restoration services aim to breathe new life into artworks, ensuring they endure for generations to come. 


This commitment to conservation not only underscores the gallery's dedication to the artists it represents but also establishes Chasen Galleries II as a trusted custodian of artistic heritage, fostering a deep appreciation for the longevity and continued vibrancy of the pieces it proudly showcases.


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Sarasota, FL 34236

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1830 South Osprey Avenue, Ste 102
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Crossings at Siesta Key Mall
3501 S Tamiami Trail #1034
Sarasota, Florida, 34239

(941) 250 4861



Sarasota, FL 34239
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