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Defining contemporary art is difficult for many people. It is easy to understand the "contemporary" concept once you grasp its history and underlying themes. Chasen Galleries is home to many contemporary art pieces perfect for your collection. This article brings out our detailed selections.


What Is Contemporary Art?

So, what is contemporary art, or what does contemporary art mean? Contemporary art is simply the art created today by artists. This art exemplifies the global, diverse, and rapidly evolving issues that shape our world.


Many contemporary artists use their work to analyze cultural and personal identity, criticize societal and institutional structures, or redefine art. Contemporary art requires an open and curious mind and the desire to debate or engage in dialogue.

Contemporary Artists in Florida

There are numerous contemporary artists worldwide. The following are some of the top contemporary artists represented at our Gallery in Sarasota, Florida:


Silvia Martinez Jimenez was born in Gandia, in Valencia, Spain, in the year 1975. As a child, she was drawn to the works of legendary Valencian painters and the Valencia fashion of Plein air painting popularized by Joaquin Sorolla, a Spanish artist. Silvia acquired most of her formal education through apprenticeship schemes within her city, as Valencia is still regarded as a global center for arts and culture. She has been a professional art restorer for many years and regards herself as a self-taught contemporary artist.


Since he was young, Rick Biehl has loved to express himself through art. His favorite items as a child were colored pencils, crayons, and modeling clay. He pursued art in high school and later became a full-time art school student, studying design, illustration, photography, painting, and other things. Some of his artwork includes contemporary wall art, such as wall sculptures made of wood, various mediums, acrylic, polychrome, and different mediums.


Niki Hare is a multidisciplinary visual artist exploring concepts of existence and vision. The artist focuses on displaying the world she found herself in. She claims that she paints to keep nausea away. Her work is authentic in every angle, divided into diagrams, frames, aerial views, and maps.


Ursula J. Brenner was born in Germany, and her art is influenced by classic museum displays, music, art, and architecture. She paints landscapes and modern abstracts through encaustics and acrylics, adding color variations and form to emphasize emotion in her entire work. Her artwork conveys a broad spectrum of emotions, ranging from deep and mysterious to light and playful.


Bernard is a limitless painter who colors trends or items that stick to the white space. His favorite color is red, his preferred tool is a paint roller, and a ladder is a must-have item. He, at times, requires scaffolding. Even without his name, you will instantly recognize him as he has been mandated to sign all Bernard Saint-creations Maxent's for the past ten years.


Mark Lague is an internationally recognized artist who has won many awards for his work in contemporary art. He was born in 1964 and has had a passion for art since childhood. Mark studied design at Montreal's Concordia University and has had a successful career in the animation sector.

Is it Safe to Buy Contemporary Art Online?

It is estimated that the online art sales global market will be worth $9.32 billion by 2024. This amount indicates that online purchase of contemporary artwork is common worldwide. Various online selling platforms enable artists to sell their work, and those who wish to buy modern paintings can easily do so. Online buying offers convenience, and measures are in place to ensure safety. However, the online space demands cautiousness to avoid fraudsters posing as artists. At Chasen Galleries, we provide a wonderful selection of art for every taste from a source you can trust.

Explore Contemporary Art Online Now

You will find a wide variety of contemporary art online, and you can easily make your purchase conveniently in the comfort of your home. Chasen Galleries allows you to navigate the site easily, view numerous collections, and learn more about art. Visit our site to explore our contemporary art collections. Contact us for inquiries on our contemporary art collection.



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