Renato Foti

Retro Mesh series 1
48 x 20 in

About the Artist

Renato Foti is a visionary artist whose extraordinary talent shines through his mesmerizing glass wall pieces created in mosaic style. With meticulous precision and a keen eye for detail, Foti meticulously assembles vibrant glass fragments into intricate compositions that capture the imagination. Each wall piece is a symphony of color and texture, with the interplay of light adding a captivating dimension to the artwork. From abstract designs to nature-inspired motifs, Foti's glass mosaics evoke a sense of beauty and harmony. Experience the enchanting world of Renato Foti's glass art at Chasen Galleries, where his stunning creations bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.


Renato Foti, on his glasswork:

My current work focuses on fused & slumped glass wall sculptures that can be hung in a variety of venues as well as sculptural pieces both functional & not. These large scale wall creations are composed of fused glass made out of a variety of colours segments forming a strong sense of balance & harmony to the space. The segments alone are very simple, yet together form a more complex chain that fits naturally together. The Colour Wall Series sculptures are typically made up of linear lines, with variations at different angles as well as sections that are rectangular, forming a harmonic pattern that fits naturally with in the whole.

The Retro Mesh series discuss the positive and negative spaces and how this interaction of such space really mirrors our existence in a more atomic level. We understand that all solids have voids where atoms float in “space” forming the shape; thus, the “ Mesh” pattern here reflects a similar concept. The combination of a wide variety of colours also forms a delicate balance while adding a dynamic element to each piece.

My current projects will consist of the large scale “Retro Mesh” pieces and the linear bent “Colour Wall Series” pieces to be exhibited at a various of Galleries across North America. Creating large scale fused glass sculptures pushes the limit for studio made glass, therefore, hoping to develop a new market in the commercial and hospitality industry. The scale of these creations makes them even more unique and aids in the elevation of the “Fused Glass Art Form” internationally.


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