Jun Lee

Red Basket
24 x 48 in

About the Artist

Painting for over 30 years, Jun Lee paints “to capture certain feelings or moods rather than the obvious image.” Along with the myriad of artists, he is inspired by Monet. Jun is specifically intrigued by Monet’s mastery of color, light and impressions. However, his initial inspiration came by coincidence. He was raised with an appreciation for nature and for simplicity.

Jun was born in Kyungbook, Korea in 1948. After graduating from Dong-Kook University with a degree in Fine Arts, Jun strived to incorporate his heritage and education into his artwork. In the years following his graduation, Jun went on to receive the main prize for Korean Arts Grand Exhibitions in 1979 as well as the Golden Prize for MBC Grand Art Exhibition in 1980. He also participated in the exhibition in 1982, and the Fine Arts Exhibition in Seoul, Korean in 1984. By the time he reached his late twenties, Jun had become a solid member of most of the local art exhibitions.

Jun takes everyday objects and elements of nature to create striking compositions. A mere glance at this work can captivate his viewer. His tasteful selection of colors expresses the elegance and detail of his subjects. From the artist’s perspective, his paintings strive to display harmony. Jun’s popular themes are whimsical, intense, and sometimes serene. His heritage is also a key component that is incorporated to create exceptional works of art. Not only does he paint to express moods, but also to illicit the feeling of overall happiness which was from his family. He met his wife in an art class. They share an interest in painting. Since then, she continues to provide invaluable critiques of his works. Together, they travel with their daughter, hiking and appreciating nature.

Even though Jun is very busy with his artwork, he has made time to be a volunteer at orphanages, nursing homes, and homeless shelters for over 15 years. When asked about his artwork, he mentions that fine art is not only about pursing beauty on the outside, but also expressing inner beauty. Therefore, he believes that all artists should emphasize inner-beauty in both their artwork and their lives.

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