Jaroslav Prosek

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14 x 19.75 x 3.50 in
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About the Artist

Born in 1986, Beroun, The Czech Republic
Jaroslav Prošek works in Česká Lípa in Northern Bohemia, in the heart of Czech glass industry.
He specialises in designing and creating unique glass sculptures, but he also works with other ma-
terials, such as wood, stainless steel, or marble.
Jaroslav Prošek is not a typical artist, who loves art from his childhood, is consistently educated
and does practice work. Jaroslav Prošek‘s journey to the world of glass art took some time. He was
always manually skilled.
After secondary school he worked at technical departments of big Czech factories. There he impro-
ved his manual skills and learned to fix any problem before the final product is done.
When he started to work at Crystal Caviar company, a small company producing luxury chande-
liers and glass sculptures, his thinking about creating products has changed. He found out that
products cannot be only well made, but also aesthetic, create by hand from the most luxurious
material to the first-class art products. Then he started to make his first designs of glass sculptures.
At the beginning of his art career, he had an opportunity to learn basic skills in Vlastimil Beránek’s
and Jan Frydrych’s ateliers. Their influence to Jaroslav Prošek’s work is obvious. Some of his sculp-
tures are simple shaped, sometimes inspired by the sea like Beránek’s sculptures. On the contrary
Prosek’s experimentation with optical glass comes from Jan Frydrych.
Jaroslav Prošek uses several techniques to create his sculptures: melting in mold, grinding, engra-
ving. Choice of glass technique depends on the sculpture’s shape which he wants to create. Inspira-
tions for his sculptures come from nature, sea, yachting and also things used to normal consumpti-
on. When something inspires him, he makes a small wooden model of the shape and according to it
he creates the final sculpture.
Although his art career does not last long, Jaroslav Prošek has already his own reputation
in The Czech Republic and slowly creates his reputation on the international market.
hidden talent of Czech glass art

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